Monday, November 22, 2010

Howto print odd and even pages in Open office word (Duplex printing)

Hi everybody

Today I would like to share the tip of printing back to back pages in large scale (printing both sides of the pages/odd or even pages/duplex printing) using open office word. In microsoft word, this feature can be done by selectively printing odd or even pages option. It can be seen that this option is not there in Open office.

In open office select file->print->options->select 'left pages' and also 'reversed' and give the command for printing. Please note that only even pages are printed this time. Flip the page and load into the printer in such a way that it prints correctly on the other blank side. Now uncheck the 'left pages' and 'reversed' and select 'right pages' and give print command. voila!

thus you can save the page and time.

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