Saturday, December 4, 2010

backup your system by using ubuntu live cd or startup disk

Hi  the other day one of my professor called me and said that his sytem has crashed due to repeated power failure and cranky UPS. He was very desperate to back up his personal dats which ampunted to several GB.
The next day I went and saw the system. The machine was not booting, instead it was showing the error message namely "kernel panic, kernel not syncing". I was not able to go beyond it.
So i tried to boot using Live USB created by startup disk creator.
I selected the option known as 'Try ubuntu without any change to the computer'
I got into the hard disk and voila My professor was releived to see his folders and documents files.
But our enthusiasm was shortlived when we faced the problem namely the permission to copy. We were denied the permission to copy the folders into external HDD.
It took two hours to tweak the machine to bypass the administrator privileges. the wonder bash script is
sudo nautilus
this above mentioned command in terminal helped us to copy all the folders and we did a fresh install of Ubuntu Lucid.....

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