Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Howto install OpenRep in Ubuntu

In this post I would like to share some basic steps to Install the first ever free Homoeopathic Software. As well as the first ever Open source software in Homeopathy.

FIRST: Download the JAVA

  •  Download the java dependencies named Linux self extracting file and download it to a new folder named java in home folder. Now follow series of simple command series to install the downloaded files. Open the Terminal and type one by one command(Blue fonts)   
                   cd java
         chmod a+x jre-6u21-linux-i586.bin
    • Now download two packages through Synaptic package manager. Navigate through System-->  Administration--> Synaptic Package manager.
            Download the package known as 'openjdk-6-jre-headless' and

    SECOND: Download the .zip file of the software from here 
    Unzip the downloaded folder to a new folder named 'repertory' in your home folder. To open the software right click the folder mentioned as 'OpenRep.jar' and select the Java 6  JRE and lo you can see the software being fired.

    THIRD: To create a launcher, make a file named OpenRep.sh and paste the following script (Blue)in this file


    HERE=$(/bin/readlink -f "${BASH_SOURCE}")
    HERE_DIR=$(/usr/bin/dirname "${HERE}")

    /usr/bin/java -cp "${HERE_DIR}" -jar "${HERE_DIR}/OpenRep.jar"

    Save this file OpenRep.sh in the folder known as repertory. Make this file executable by right clicking it and selecting the option known as 'Make this file executable'. And there you are, now you can make a launcher to openrep in desktop. Right click anywhere on idle desktop and select 'Create launcher and enter the pathway of your OpenRep.sh file.


    1. Dear Dr. Kurian

      Can you also help readers by uploading the source code of open rep and also .jar file of this software please?

      1. Dear
        I have taken your suggestion seriously and have hosted the source code of all the versions of OpenRep available in my website named www.freerepertory.info

    2. nice information....