Saturday, July 3, 2010

How to type language in Ubuntu

Hi in this post you will come to know how to type languages other than Default English
Step 1
Install the following packages from Synaptic Package Manager. You can navigate to Synaptic package manager through System--> Administration--> Synaptic package manager. The packages are as follows


Step 2
Activate your language support by navigating through
System-->; Administration-->;Language support. Select your language of your choice.

Step 3
Now setup the SCIM by checking the boxes as shown in the Fig

You can navigate to SCIM through System-->; Preferences-->;SCIM Input method.

Well to type, open Gedit text editor. Click right mouse button, You will get a popup as seen in Fig

Select Scim input method

You will get a Language toolbar
Select your language and type.

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