Sunday, July 18, 2010

How to install .targz file in Ubuntu

Step 1 Download the .targz file of the programme from the website. These folders contain actually a group of files which are necdessary for the programme to function but they are not compiled. Please extract the tar file to the Desktop bu double clicking it.

Step 2 Read the 'Readme file' and see whether any dependencies are required. These dependencies are packages which are required for the programme to install but they are bindled in this tar file. If so install these files by synaptic package manager.

Step 3 Open Terminal by navigating through accessories. Use the command 'cd Desktop'
[copy the text within the inverted coomas and paste it to the terminal]

Step 4 Use the command 'cd filename'[the text in bold should be replaced by the name of the extracted folder in the dektop]

Step 5 Use the command 'make && sudo make install' to install the programme

Step 6 Reboot your machine

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